How To Get The Cheapest Flight, Every Time…

… And avoid flying Tiger in the process. Paying money for something you can’t eat, drink or be entertained by is the worst. And since the advent of e-ticketing I’m sure you’ll agree that a plane ticket is no longer an edible item. Furthermore the recent introduction of drip pricing, despite the hydrating implications of […]

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Inside Noritor Korean Restaurant

Noritor Review: Is This Brisbane’s Best Korean Restaurant?

Or just another well-greased, bearded, fix-gear bicycle? {rating} When one mentions the word hipster to you, it’s quite likely your imagination will default to its “go to” imagery of a bearded fix-gear bicycle with a chain greased by the recycled waste of organic free range buffalo wings, imported by sail boat from Oregon. And how […]

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Gallagher Point Camping Area Map

Selecting the right campsite is often a bit like selecting a seat on an airplane. You don’t want to be too close to the toilet/too close to the toilet, be in the path of the food cart/4wd highway or be right next to the screaming child with the can of softdrink/flood prone passage at high tide. As mentioned […]

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Brisbane To Hervey Bay Flight

How To Fly Brisbane To Hervey Bay Relatively Cheaply

There are many ridiculous ways to travel from Brisbane to Hervey Bay. But perhaps the most ridiculous method to cover the short 300km trip is by plane. This video depicts the rainy weather one might fly through on such a 45 minute trip. It’s particularly pleasant as many such flights take place on not the Boeing 737 jets depicted in this photo, but the […]

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Feeling Thaired? Read A Judgey Review Of Tara Thai, Fortitude Valley!

I once won an argument about Thai green curry. Whilst mid-assembly of such a curry sourced from my nearest Aldi the argument went a little like this: Me: “Thai green curry has green vegetables.” Not-me: “No it doesn’t.” Me: “Yes it does.” *googles it* “See!” Ever since then I’ve felt suitably, if not overly, qualified […]

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Welcome to Travel Lightly, or depending on how you arrived here. This is a blog! But more than that it’s a website. It has many cool features, such as the ability to click on menu items and then be presented with a different set of text to what you’re currently reading.

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